Yesterday I wrote an article about the Bail Bond industry (read it here), it provoked a number of mostly predictable responses. They fell into two categories, those in favor of Beth Chapman being elected president of PBUS, and those against. I was hardly surprised, to be perfectly honest, that was why I wrote the article, to provoke some response.

The comments and messages I received were revealing, and while they do not form a large enough dataset for a scientific analysis, it is possible to make some observations.

Those that do not like the fact that Beth Chapman is now president of PBUS, really are very unhappy. On a scale of 1 to 10, they are an 11. Interestingly enough it is not Beth herself that they object to, it is the ‘brand’ that she is part of. While the ‘brand’ has certainly increased public awareness of the ‘Bounty Hunting’ aspect of the industry, the worry is that it may have painted the wrong image of how recovery agents actually perform their work.

Of those that support the election of Beth the messages were not widely enthusiastic, jumping up and down in glee, they were instead suggesting that Beth be given a chance, let’s wait and see what she can bring to the table before the public stoning occurs. This is good advice, we should indeed wait and see.

Without doubt the biggest issue facing the entire industry is PTR. I think it would be a wonderful idea for Beth to explain her plan on how she plans on fighting it. This may well help her sway the nay sayers over to her side.

Fighting PTR is no easy task and persuading Bail Bondsmen in states that have yet to have suffered from its results is a tough uphill battle.

One thing is clear, to defeat the march of PTR the Bail Bond industry needs to get John Q. Public involved. The Chapman brand certainly has the name recognition, the question is…. Can Beth, will Beth, leverage her name for the good of the industry? Or is this just a publicity stunt for A&E?

I like to think she is doing it to help the industry, but only time can tell. As you all know I am not involved in the Bail Bond industry, but I have taken the time to at least be able to have a working knowledge about it.

I would love to invite Beth Chapman to join me in a one-on-one internet radio program I would love to discover her plans to unite the Industry and stop the steady march of PTR.

Simon Barrett

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