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Ahmadinejad clamps down on speech

It’s not that long ago Iran started to creep into the 21st century.  Independent newspapers started popping up, and the internet slowly found its way in.  Then they had an election in 2005, and things started to slide.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was elected president that year.  He had his seat in the big chair.

Feeling confident now that the chair is a good fit, Mahmoud is trying on the same kind of big heavy boot that chubby little Kim of North Korea has grown fond of.  Newspaper publishing is all but shut down.  Those considered to be ‘intellectuals’ are being arrested.  Satellite dishs have been confiscated from homes, and internet service disrupted.

All of this, of course, is to be expected, whenever a despot takes control.  Freedom of information can really cramp your style when you’re trying to suppress the masses.  I thought Mahmoud had established himself on the lunatic fringe when he claimed to have been ‘bathed in a holy light’ while speaking at the UN this year, but his latest ban may go that one better.

It seems an Iranian film director made a movie called Half Moon, which apparently was a pretty good flick.  It got nominated for an Academy Award.  I personally haven’t seen it, but no one in Iran has either.  Mahmoud banned it because of a controversial scene.  The scene in question?  Take a seat, and cover the kiddies eyes and ears… the scene in question has a woman… singing.

Could her voice really have been that bad?

Full Story: Washington Times

Cartoon from Sid in the City


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