I had heard that somehow John Ford had been lured out to appear for a concert celebrating The Monks. In fact I knew it was more than rumor, I spent some time chatting with the miscreants involved. John Ford is old enough to know better, but young enough to know how to have fun.

The Monks were an unusual band. John Ford swears that the music was real, he was just getting in the groove of the then new punk style. Personally I think he lies like a rug. There is no doubt in my mind that John Ford and his accomplice in crime Richard Hudson were poking fun at the state of music in the late 70’s.

The Monks did however leave a mark on the music scene. Punk tended to be raw and mostly awful. It was the kind of music that would want you to disembowel yourself with a plastic butter knife. But not so with The Monks, this was a band (well Ford and Hudson) that actually knew more than three chords.

I got wind that John Ford was going to be a good sport and play with some Canadian musicians that wanted to celebrate The Monks. While John assures me that The Monks were real music, I have my doubts. In my mind it was something different, I still think that John Ford and his accomplice in crime Richard Hudson were taking the ‘piss’ out of the world.

It really does not matter, The Monks, are The Monks!

It was Thom D’Arcy that put this delightful evening together.

While the major video folks could not make the event, there were plenty of people that stepped up to the plate!

Enjoy the vids! Oh and John Ford is the guy with the hair!

“SKYLAB” & “NO SHAME” Monks Tribute Horseshoe Toronto John

DRUGS IN MY POCKET Live Monks Tribute Show Toronto John Ford Thom DArcy

OK I know for sure that this is not Heavy Disguise. But I wanted to include this link.

HEAVY DISGUISE” John Ford Acoustic Solo @ Monks Tribute Horseshoe Tavern
No SHAME Ian Blurton Monks Tribute

There is no doubt that Nice Legs was the key to the short but illustrious career of the Monks.

Tribute to the Monks – John Ford – Thomas Darcy – Nice Legs Encore

There are many tribute bands, how many ever get to play with the person that created it?

Simon Barrett

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