What does one do when they have a one night stand with a guy and then nine months later gives birth to a baby girl that you definitely do not want? Well normally I would think one would just sign the baby over for adoption.
Unfortunately 21 year old Cara Craig of Metairie, Louisiana found herself in this position but she didn’t give the baby up for adoption. Instead she took the baby which by the way still had the umbilical cord attached to it, and tossed her into Lake Pontchartrain so she could hide her pregnancy from her parents. Craig has been charged with first degree murder even though the results of an autopsy report has not come in yet, according to Kenner Police Chief Steve Caraway.

“The girl admitted that it was her child,” said Caraway, “that she gave birth to the child; that the child was moving when she gave birth, the legs were moving, she felt a heartbeat. As she prepared to throw the child into the water or place the child in the water as she said, she had her hand on the baby’s chest and could feel the heart beating at that time. That’s why she’s been charged with first degree.”

Apparently Craig had been receiving some counseling about the pregnancy. “She had spoken with health care officials at some point before, during her pregnancy to see what options she had,” Caraway said. “She actually considered abortion, but she was too far along, I believe is what she said. And when that wasn’t an option she tries to conceal the pregnancy from her family.”

Apparently Louisiana has what they call the Safe Haven Law which allows mothers to give their babies up anonymously from the time of birth up to 31 days at certain locations like health care facilities or police stations without prosecution. I guess Craig wasn’t aware of this law. It is a shame she didn’t because if she had the life of this precious child could have been saved.

“Here you are with someone who didn’t want a child,” he said. “She didn’t want the responsibility and you have people out there that would love to have kids that can’t. I think people need to be reminded that there is a safe haven law, and that there are other options besides discarding, in this case killing a child.”

“She came here to the police department on her own free will,” said Kenner Police spokesman Brian McGregor adding that her parents were with her when she came in. McGregor said the woman confessed to throwing the baby into the lake to hide the pregnancy from her parents. The parents claim they suspected she was pregnant but she denied it to them.

“She’s coherent. She understands what she has done, and she realizes she’s going to face the consequences for what she did and she told us that,” said McGregor. She’s remorseful for what she did, she feels there’s other avenues that she should have taken for this.”

The police had received a tip from someone saying they had seen a woman pull into the parking lot of the apartment complex and throw something into the garbage can. Police went to the complex and looked into the garbage can and that is where they found the mother’s placenta according to McGregor.

Witnesses say they saw a woman casually walking up to the water and tossing something in and then turning around and walking away casually and getting back into her car and driving away. Then the witnesses went to the area where they saw her and they found the baby lying face down in the water.

This is such a sad situation. Once again this baby wasn’t given the chance to live its life. This baby girl’s life was ripped away from her by being tossed away into the Lake by her own mother. Now I live within an hours drive from where this happened. I was raised on this Lake. Sometimes those waters are pretty rough. When I think about this helpless newborn tiny infant thrown into the water I can only imagine what the waves were doing to her little body and I can tell you what I see in my mind is not pleasant.

I will never understand how any mother can take the life of their own child. I mean taking anyone’s life is horrible but taking one that you gave birth to is beyond me. I hope one day she comes to realize that what she did was wrong and she cheated this baby girl out of a life of her own. That baby did not ask to be conceived but since she was she did deserve the chance of a life.  So, so sad. 

Jan Barrett

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