Yes, the latest victims of political correctness are those lovable kids from South Park.

After insulting everyone from Mohamed to Jesus to Steve Erwin to Brittany Spears, someone in Russia noticed that those lovable tykes have been insulting Christians. And Russian Christians are not amused…

According to the South Park website:

We are not sure how it happened, but it seems that South Park has offended the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians. Now the Crab People, on the other hand, they have a legitimate gripe.

Actually, Evangelical groups in the US have banned and boycotted South Park in the past, but the difference between the US and Russia is that in a free market, all they can do is apply pressure, but as long as anyone is watching, their power to censor is limited to persuasion.

But as the right wing satirist Mark Steyn discovered, insults can be misconstrued as “hate speech”, even in places such as Canada, which “tried” him for anti Islamic hate speech because of a quote in his book that was actually said by an imman.

But hey, Mark Steyn only faced a hefty fine if the Canadian Human Rights court hadn’t been so widely ridiculed  that it dropped the case.

Those “cartoons of blasphemy” that were published in Denmark  resulted in riots.

But don’t worry.

Your  beloved United Nations is on top of it. To follow up the Durban I conference on racism, they are now planning Durban II.

And on the agenda: Hate speech against religion and race.

An early draft of the April conference’s outcome document, released by a UN planning committee on Friday, reserves space to include provisions adopted by the African conference in Abuja. The Abuja text calls on states “to refrain from condoning incitement to racial and religious hatred and violence under the pretext of free speech” (par 13). …… The rest of the document focuses on Western practices today and in the past against people of African descent.

Presumably, that stuff about religious hatred would include South Park.

As for that part about ” Western practices…against people of African descent”,  I wonder if they will include a proviso against governments that commit genocide against their minorities. I mean real genocide, where hundreds of thousands die because they are the tribe…as in Dafur…

As for hate speech, maybe someone should start watching the news and other programs in certain Middle Eastern television stations. And maybe if they want to discuss “Western practices” against people of African descent, maybe they should extend this to “Middle Eastern practices” against guest workers of Asian descent, such as the one million Filipinos and half million Indian Christians in Saudi who can’t practice their religion for fear of losing their jobs.

Obama can run for the presidency in the evil West, but my cousins couldn’t even bring her rosary into Saudi when she worked there as a nurse…

Go figure.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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