No parent likes it when their child lies to them. In my day kids were punished in different manners than the kids are today. My Dad’s favorite punishment was to take away our most favorite thing if we did something wrong. Like my favorite was the TV. He would take it away from me for a week and trust me that hurt. A paddle on our butts wasn’t ruled out either when we were kids in trouble.

jessica-beagley.jpgA woman from Anchorage Alaska has come up with her own way of punishing one of her adopted twin sons who is only 7 years old and he even video taped it. The child came home and lied to her about something that had happened between him and another boy which apparently started a fight.

Jessica Beagley took this little boy and set him up on the counter by the sink in the bathroom and told him to open his mouth. When he did she took a bottle of Hot Sauce and poured it into his mouth and told him not to swallow it. She made the child sit there as she talked to him with the hot sauce in his mouth. She kept telling him that no one in their house will lie and if they do they will be punished.

Now if that weren’t bad enough, she let him finally spit it out but then with what was left in his mouth she told him to swallow. Then she told him to get down and undress because his next punishment was coming up. She made this little 7 year old child get into the bathtub and then she made him take a cold shower. In the video you can hear the boy screaming. My heart just went out to this child.

Now why would a mother do all this and make a video of it to begin with. According to reports, it was all so she could make an appearance on TV’s Dr. Phil’s show. Beagley allegedly had contacted the producers of the show in April of 2009 after she viewed a show about “Angry Moms”. It took them about 18 months to contact her and they asked if she was still angry. They told her that they would need some evidence of her punishing her son in any audition videos.

Beagley sent in her video for the audition and once they saw it she was flown to Los Angeles and she got to appear on Dr. Phil’s Show but was it all worth it? I should think not.

The DA’s office in Anchorage was given the video and they decided the hot sauce punishment was “unreasonable discipline” under municipal law and they charged Beagley with misdemeanor child abuse. During the trial a child welfare officer testified that the social workers found no signs of maltreatment during their investigation and they decided not to remove the child from the home. Their decision came after the social workers interviewed Beagley and her husband. They also talked to an Anchorage Police officer and officials at the child’s school.

Apparently they also talked to the other children in the home and no one claimed they felt unsafe there, so the Office of Social Services agreed to not intervene.

The decision is in the hands of a jury right now. If she is found guilty, Beagley is facing possibly up to a year in jail and a $5000 fine. Her attorney, William Ingaldson told the prosecutors that if they feel it necessary that his client would be willing to take anger management classes or parenting skills.

I watched the video and I really felt so sorry for this little boy. I am just an old softy I guess.

Jan Barrett

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