alaina-giordano-with-her-children-bud-and-sophia.jpgA mother from Durham North Carolina is going through more heartache than anyone can imagine right now. Dealing with the knowledge that she has been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer has been hard on this young mother at the age of 37. Now you would think that would be enough for her to have to worry about but apparently not everyone thinks that. A judge has decided that since Alaina Giordano has the terminal breast cancer and the doctors can’t say how long she has to live, that she should no longer have custody of her two small children, Sofia, 11 and Bud, who is only 5. Alaina and her ex-husband have been going through a legal battle which also includes certain allegations of cheating and some domestic problems.

Kane Snyder the 37 year old ex-husband decided to go after full custody once the couple’s marriage fell apart. He asks the courts to give him permission to take the children to live with him in Chicago since that is where he worked.

It was ruled by Durham County Family Court Judge Nancy Gordon that the children should go to live with the father after a psychiatrist recommended that they should live with him simply because of the deteriorating condition of the mother’s health. It apparently was also noted in the court that Alaina was not currently employed either. She has been working as a freelance writer and editor.

In her own words about this case Alaina Giordano had a few things to say. “On April 25, we went in to get the ruling, it was pretty shocking. Anybody who knows my children are my life. They are what give me strength and part of the reason I am doing so well,” she said.

Her claim goes on to say, “Because I have a cancer diagnosis, I have spent the last sixteen months in court defending myself from the attacks of my abusive husband who filed a lawsuit against myself in Durham County, N.C. asking for full custody of our two children using the argument that I have a cancer diagnosis. He then chose to move to the Chicago area to take a job at Sears Holdings, Inc. leaving our children in my sole physical custody since August 2010.”

I, like this young mother have to question how any judge can take two small children, that obviously love their mother, away from a mother that doesn’t know how much longer she will be alive. To begin with it seems to me that would be depriving these children of their rights to spend as much time as they can with their mother while they can. I think it is cold and very heartless to take them away at this stage, when in reality it is more important at this time for these children to be with their mother.

If they take these children away right now it will more than likely leave the mother with no will to live. She will have nothing left to fight for. She went to New York Wednesday morning and appeared on the “Today Show” to ask the public for help. Alaina needs to find a pro-bono lawyer so she can appeal this case. She has 30 days to appeal from the ruling date which was April 25th, so her time is running out.

A page has been setup on Facebook in order to raise awareness in the media, through television, newspaper, talk shows, etc. They are asking people to click on like to help them in this fight. The ruling needs to be overturned. This mother needs your help. Write to the governor of North Carolina asking for help in this matter. It is not right for a mother to lose her children just because she has cancer. This is a time that she needs her children to give her the strength to go through with her treatments.

I urge everyone reading this to please go to this Facebook page and support this. The more involved the better chance she will get in having this ruling overturned. So please click here and it will take you to the FB page and click on like. Then you can feel free to post your opinion or any phone numbers available that could help in their fight in this case. This is not only important for Alaina Giordano, but for any other mother out there that might possibly have to go through this too.

I also encourage everyone to go here and view Alaina Giordano’s web page which tells everyone to “Say NO to Cancer Discrimination”.

I pray for this young mother. I pray she will get custody of her children back so she will have the will to continue with her treatment for her diagnosis and hopefully she will have more time to spend with her two precious children. May God be with her and her children.

Jan Barrett

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