In this day and age reporting a missing child is a serious matter, not one that should be used against a feuding custody battle or over an argument with their spouse. Once an Amber alert is triggered a lot of law enforcement officer, private agencies that specialize in locating missing children and even a lot of times people in the community get together to form a search. These people take their jobs seriously. With that said it is very upsetting to spend hours or in some cases days only to find out that there is no missing child afterall.

In August of last year a woman, Jennell Ross, 27, called the police department in Grand Rapids Michigan and told them over and over that her car had been stolen and that her 18 month old baby was in the car at the time.

Ross’s car was located but the baby was not in the car. That is when the Grand Rapids Police issued an Amber Alert which activated at least six agencies to look for the child.

Soon afterwards a relative called to let authorities know that she had the baby and she was OK. They brought the child to the police station where they took custody of her. When questioned, the mother admitted to lying about the abduction saying that she had lied because of an ongoing dispute with the baby’s father.

Ross was charged with making a false report of a child abduction to which on April 8 she pled guilty in Kent County Circuit Court. She was not expected to serve any additional jail time after a plea agreement but will be held responsible for a $3600 fine in restitution. Today Jennell Ross received a sentence for three years of probation.

Thank God the child was OK but Ross was wrong for causing all the problems. I hope someone will read this and learn a lesson. Never ever accuse anyone of kidnapping a child like this just for revenge. It really has an impact on a lot of people other than the one you are trying to hurt.

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