Modesty in Public Life I am sure  that the issue of immodesty in public life  is globalised, with more and more news  about sexploitation are gushing out .Study the following news and judge yourself  as to where are we heading to:

Alcohol and Immodesty: According to Scotland yard 35% of raped women in UK have been drinking. ( Daily Mail :Ben Taylor)

Products of Immodesty: Most babies in Uk will be born to unwed mothers by 2012.By 2030 the statiscts will be,80%.(Becky Barrow Daily Mail)

Dumping Family Life for Career:     People specially women are avoiding marriges and opting for their careers. Girls who are in their sweet sitxteen will not be having partners by the time they reach their middle age. Today they are chased by guys and men of all taste tomorrow when silkiness in their skin will vanish and eyes will go deep with grey hair replacing black, the guys will have other girls to chase.

IMMODESTY BEGINS IN SCHOOLS :  England will be having birth control nurses for  ALL SCHOOLS, EVEN PRIMARY ! NEW GUIDLINES  will allow them to to help pupils get the morning after pills, pregnancy tests and terminations without their  parent’s knowledge. There are currently 2409 nurses who work in groups of primary and secondary schools across England (Sarah Harris  Daily Mail)

AND IS CARRIED ON IN COLLEGES TOO : According to a survey many women find education harassing. The Maharastra ( India) State Women’s Commission says it has received the maximum numbers  of sexual complaints from it. The cases have some mainly from universities and government colleges. ( Aditya Ghosh  DNA Mumbai)

EVEN  THE ARMY CANNOT PROTECT, AND HERE IS WHY:    Upto 60%women and 27% men in US military reserves and National Guard suffer sexual harassment during their service according to a Congressional committe report. (PTI October 1, 2005)

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