Recently, I ran into a fraud victim being duped into cashing a counterfeit check (cheque) and wiring the money to the scammer offering her a “too good to be true” photo shoot opportunity.

While duping people into cashing bad checks and wiring the money back to the scammer are nothing new — the e-mails used to set up the scam referred to a modeling (and photographer) networking site called “Babe Warehouse (” The site states they give aspiring models the opportunity to post a “free portfolio” by providing them with (at least) five photographs and a valid e-mail address.

It appears that scammers are using these e-mail addresses to contact the models and contact them with “too good to be true” offers of furthering their careers.

Most experts agree that it is dangerous to post too much personal information on any social networking site.

Of course — with all the porn links associated with the site — I would guess they have other streams of revenue, also. I would also deduct that aspiring models and photographers aren’t the only ones frequenting this site.

Although, I can’t say for sure, I doubt Tyra Banks would approve of young women using Babe Warehouse as a networking tool.

Overpayment (advance fee) scams mutate seem to be everywhere and there is no shortage of counterfeit cashier’s checks, money orders, gift and travelers cheques being mailed (in bulk) that are used in these scams.

Recently, an International law enforcement task force monitored the mail for a short while and seized hundred of millions of dollars/euros etc. worth of these bogus financial instruments.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was inspired to do a post on Babe Warehouse. I decided I would sent them a quick note letting them know their site was being used to scam their readers. In the note, I recommended them putting up some sort of warning on their site to protect their viewers. As I write this, they’ve failed to put up a warning or even acknowledge my note.

Because of this, I decided to put up a warning myself and rely on the power of the search engine to educate people.

If they would like to see how the overpayment (advance fee) scam works, I highly recommend going to

I also have compiled a lot of information on this blog about this type of scam, some of which, can be seen, here.

I suppose the closest scam variation to this one is what is known as a Romance scam. Romance scammers often use photographs from sites like Babe Warehouse when they are romancing their victims. Please note that Romance scammers often get their love interest to cash bogus financial instruments and wire the money to them, also.

If you are interested in learning about this type of scam, is a site, I highly recommend.

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