In a surprise move, Karnataka government has banned the use of mobile  phones for children upto the age of 16 years. Hopefully the ban would be restricted in the school premises and does not extend elsewhere. Otherwise it is feared that Police would start harassing children holding mobile phones in public places.

While it has been stated that the ban is in the interest of children’s health, the move appers to be a typical Thuglak order.  We are all aware how Governments periodically introduce the helmet rule for two wheeler drivers and promptly withdraws it until it is reintroduced some time later. The “Helmet Ban and lift Ban” strategy is considered as a money spinner for the Government and the traffic police.   Perhaps it is expected that  mobile manufactureres will now approach the Governement for the lifting of the ban for which a suitable price could be quoted.

Otherwise it is difficult to understand that a Government which turns a blind eye when under sixteen sons of VIPs spend most of their late nights in Bars and Clubs often picking up quarrels with servers, smashing the hotel property etc, should suddenly be concerned about the welfare of children and not entry to pubs and bars.

What a responsible Government should have done if it was realy concerned with the effect of mobiles on health was to run an information campaign highlighting the bad effects of mobile usage rather than go to the extent of using legislation on such an innocuous requirement.

It is surprising that a Government which is embroiled in the “Power Trasfer dilemma” should find enough time to pass this ban order.

It would be advisable if the Government clarifies that this is only an “Advisory” and not an “order”.


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