Hi everyone, I want to introduce you to a new Blogger News Network feature, My Music Melange. Over the past few years I have read all sorts of stories about people getting busted for music piracy, and I just shake my head. There is so much great music that is free, you just have to know where to look for it, why break the law? You can ask my wife what my favorite price is, and she will say FREE!

If you know where to look, free stuff abounds. The Internet has changed the music world, it has very much leveled the playing field, less well known bands can now compete with the superstars. Through My Music Melange I hope to introduce you to some new artists. I hope you enjoy.

First off is Ray LaMontagne, Ray is a very soulful artist and his new song “You Are the Best Thing” is from his album Gossip In The Grain which is destined for an early October release. Ray is best known for his solo performances, but in Gossip In The Grain which is his third album he is joined by bassist Jennifer Condos, guitarist Eric Heywood, and Ethan Johns on drums (and production).

Low Vs. Diamond are a hot band. To even get a passing mention in Rolling Stone is a huge boost in anyones ego. Rolling Stone plans on more than a mere mention. They are “one of only six new artists to watch”. Here is a sampler, Heart Attack. These guys have what it takes.

Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons have captured quite a following, they are a hot folk band. Through September you can catch them on the East Coast. I have to admit that I like this band, and Cory Chisel reminds me a lot of Richard Thompson (Fairport Convention). This is a singer/songwriter that will go far. I am going to try and get a copy of his latest CD, in the mean time we can all enjoy Home in the woods. If this one song is representative of Cory’s abilities, all I have to say is… Sign Me Up! I am going to try and get an interview with this great musician, stay tuned!

Audrye Sessions changes the tempo, some great rock and roll. “Turn Me Off”, is classic rock. No funky add ons, just great playing and great singing. Revolutionary it might not be. But revolutionary does not always mean better. This is good solid stuff.

My favorite for the week though has to be the new My Morning Jacket video. Soft rock with the best CGI I have seen in ages. This is a combination that is wonderful. My Morning Jacket are now on my radar!

Stay tuned, we have lots more great music lined up.

Simon Barrett


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