Does Mitt Romney have a foreign policy, or just policies that are foreign?
There are two ways of looking at Mitt’s foreign trip. One side says that it is the perfect time, Europe is pissed off with just about everything and the Olympic games offer a couple of weeks of respite from the economic issues. So this is a perfect time for Mitt Romney to visit, no one could give a damn. This is the perfect opportunity for Romney to show his prowess at foreign policy, without any serious comeback. No one cares! No one even knows his name. He can get in and out and his Spin Doctors can work their magic on Fox News.

The opposing view says that this is the absolutely worst time for Mormon One to hit foreign soil. Mitt should be spending his time stumping in the US, not espousing his thoughts across the pond. It is not the Brits, Israelis, or Polish folks that he has to woo, it is the voters here in the US.

One thing is clear, if Mitt Romney does get elected he should leave foreign policy to people that actually understand the game. He managed to piss off the Brits with no problem at all over the Olympics.

Rule number one when ‘playing’ away, don’t piss off the host team. It was pure stupidity, when you are invited to Dinner you don’t question the menu.

Romney of course opened his mouth and inserted both feet. I like the Brits, they have a wonderful way of expressing what they wish to say, without actually saying much.

My favorite has to be the comment from Prime Minister Davis Cameron, Mitt (the Twit) for reasons unknown thought that he could score a few points explaining that he was the king of organizing the Olympics.

In a huge ‘smackdown’ Cameron offered:

Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere

Mitt with his tail between his legs boarded Mormon One and headed for Israel. I have to give him credit, he managed to mostly keep  his feet out of mouth with the Israelis, but has done little but piss off  the Palestinians. I am somewhat surprised that Mitt Twitney managed to avoid a larger gaffe. After London I was expecting a “There is nothing wrong with building a city in the middle of nowhere”.  Having scored a big fat zero in resolving the Israel Palestine conflict he headed back to Mormon One and targeted Poland.

It is unclear what international incident Mitt can cause in Poland. But I am sure he will find a way. Maybe… I am so excited to be in Poland, it is a country that I have always wanted to visit. As a child I have to admit that I liked the sausage, but it was a bit spicy. Then you had that Lech guy, I liked him, in fact when I was with Bain Capital Poland was just the kind of investment we were looking for…….

Simon Barrett

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