As those smartly dressed young men and women with their toothpaste smile who knock on your door ‘Just to chat’ will tell you. Mitt Romney is not the first Mormon (or to be politically correct Church of Latter Day Saints) to run for president. The first was Mormon founder Joseph Smith. My personal theory is that he lost voter confidence after the debacle of forgetting which field he had found those gold tablets in, and lets face it, with that kind of track record, would you trust the man with the national economy?

The Mormon’s have come under the scrutiny of the media lately, they have been breaking the land speed record on those dry salt lake flats in Utah to distance themselves from the Warren Jeffs debacle. Now a couple of film makers are creating pro and anti waves for this organization.

September Dawn, was released on August 24 and stars Jon Voight, Trent Ford and Tamara Hope. This is a very benevolent look at the historical events involving the early Mormon Church and the Mountain Meadows Massacre. This is a plus vote for Mitt, we see the trials and tribulations that this ground breaking band of pioneers endured.

Slated for release in 2008, and no doubt at the most inconvenient moment for Mitt Romney, comes A Mormon President, produced by filmmaker Adam Christing. Production has wrapped up on this movie, and early reports are that it has been created in a documentary style.

To quote from the press release:

The goal of the film is to offer sound biographical information on the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith and his run for the presidency. It has become, in addition, an exploration of anti-Mormon feeling in America.

Nevertheless it is important to understand the tides of history and the only way to understand Mitt Romney and his run for the highest office in the land is to go back to the roots of his faith and the first Mormon to run for president, Joseph Smith

Ouch, this sounds like fun to me! I have contacted the PR company for Adam Christing, and hope to have a trailer and an interview to share very soon.

Simon Barrett

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