The hot rumor on the election beat is that following his poor showing on Super Tuesday Mitt Romney is going to ‘Suspend’ his presidential run. The key word here is ‘Suspend’, this is different to withdrawing, suspending would allow him to re-enter the race at a later date if he so chooses.

Sources close to the Romney camp are claiming that he may make this announcement as early as today. The most likely timing for this announcement being in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday.

This will essentially leave a one horse race for the Republican nomination. No doubt this will make McCain a very happy camper.

Mitt Romney had vowed to continue fighting after Super Tuesday’s defeat, where he lost 14 of 21 states being contested. However he apparently re-evaluated the situation yesterday after consulting with his campaign management.

Romney had been financing his run essentially out of his own pocket, no doubt this huge financial drain holds some sway in his rational.

Simon Barrett

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