Maricopa County political boss and Sheriff Joe Arpaio will campaign for Massachusetts Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, the next battleground in the presidential race. The former Governor is facing a resurgent John McCain in New Hampshire after his humiliating defeat to Mike Huckabee in Iowa. Sheriff Arpaio is Arizona’s most prominent and beloved politician.

The sheriff remarked Friday he likes Romney’s business and economic background and his stance on immigration. Romney was an investment firm CEO at one time and in charge of organising the 2002 Olympic games held in Mormon dominated Salt lake city. Arpaio claimed Romney was responsible for Massachusetts’ strong economy as governor.

Arpaio also claims Mr Romney was the first governor to direct state police receive training in federal immigration laws.

The Sheriff maintains his own force of “immigration” deputies who can be found working off duty for local business owners who support the sheriffs political machine.

Polls now show McCain and Romney in a dead heat for New Hampshire’s republican delegates. The Bad blood between “Boss” Arpaio and the Senior Senator from Arizona dates back nearly a decade. Senator McCain is the single GOP politician in Arizona’s congressional delegation who is not a product of or beholden to Arpaios state wide political machine.

Last Novembers midterm route of republicans from the congress and State house was a serious set back to the Bosses grip on Arizona. I speculate the elderly Arpaio who’s political empire is built on a foundation of corruption, intimidation, blackmail and infamous “death while in custody” incidents. May be worried the election of a democratic President or even a President John McCain could destine him to the fate of the late Kansas city political boss Tom Pendergast.

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