The sport of Dressage is not one that the average person might know a great deal about. Americans like to watch sports like Football, Baseball, and basketball. These sports are ones that the regular guy can understand and relate to. The Romney clan however think that Dressage is the perfect sport! Most people have never even heard of it!

So what is it? There really is no easy way to describe it other than Horse Dancing. It is fun to watch, but it is without doubt just a little elitist. While there are likely many parents that have heard “I want a pony for my birthday”, I’ll bet that very few hear “I want a horse for Dressage”.

It is an elitist sport, actually I use the term sport loosely. Is getting a horse to dance while a well dressed rider wearing a Top Hat and Tails sits atop a sport? Certainly it is not one that resonates with us mere mortals.


The Olympics however do view Dressage as a sport. It is odd that they turned down my suggestion of the Auger, Ice Fishing and Beer Drinking triathlon, yet Horse Dancing is ok! I think it is stupid, dig the hole, catch the fish, and drink the beer, that is sports! It could also be a team sport, involving Ski-Do’s and the need to construct a shelter and still consume beer.

So, let me ask a question. How many of the ‘wannabe’ presidents are into Dressage? Horse Dancing seems to be firmly in the Republican court. The Romneys are the proud owner of Rafalca. This 15 year old horse is not expected to win any medals in the Olympics, But it does give me Pause for thought. Is Mitt just Dressage or is he real? Is he preened and prancing, or is he serious in his quest to become president?

Most athletes taking part in the Olympics are in fact rather regular folks. They are not rich folks that can not afford to ship a horse across town, never mind across the pond to England.

Simon Barrett

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