So here is the deal, the Mormon Church has decided that just because someone is dead and never had the chance to embrace the religion, it is not too late. The deceased can join the fold. has this to say about it:

Mormons believe that their church has missionaries in the “spirit world” who are busy spreading the Mormon gospel to dead people who have not yet received it. Should any of these dead people want to convert to Mormonism, they are required to abide by all its rules, one of which is water baptism. Hence the need for proxies to receive the corporeal waters of baptism. 

You might be surprised to learn that the Mormon church has teams of men and women microfilming records of Catholic and Protestant parishes, cemetery records, birth and death certificates—virtually any sort of record pertaining to past generations. Temple Mormons hope, in time, to have all of the dead of previous generations baptized posthumously into the Mormon church. 

It has also caused a stir within the Jewish world, the Mormons have Proxy Baptized many people that died during the Holocaust.  The New York Times explored the issue here.

Although the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints promised in 1995 to stop including Holocaust victims in its ritual, the church admitted last week that Anne Frank had been “baptized” in a Mormon church in the Dominican Republic. On Wednesday, The Boston Globe reported that Daniel Pearl, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal who was kidnapped and killed by terrorists in Pakistan in early 2002, was baptized last June in Twin Falls, Idaho; Mr. Pearl was Jewish. 

Now the problem has expanded to the Hindu people. The Mormons have baptized Mahatma Gandhi!  This article explains:

“After the recent news of posthumous baptizing of Jewish rights advocate Simon Wiesenthal’s parents, prominent Jewish victim Anne Frank (Diary of a Young Girl) and now Mahatma Gandhi reports, we are highly concerned and wonder how many of our ancestors had been baptized by LDS without our will,” Zed said.

All of this bothers me, I have no strong views on a persons religion and certainly would never say that one religion is more valid than another. But trying to mess with the religion of someone no longer alive seems outrageous.

Why does the Mormon Church feel the need? Mitt Romney has waxed lyrical on Birth Control and Abortion, so where does he stand on Proxy Baptism? If elected president might his first action be to fix the economic crisis? Lower taxes by a few percentage points and make everyone a Mormon and demand a 10% tithe?

Simon Barrett


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