Personally I doubt it. Mitt Romney wandered aimlessly into what I thought was an unfair fight. CNN did their best to make it a fair fight, they put up Rookie Jim Acosta to do battle! It was sheer magic to watch the interview unfold.

Acosta asked all of the pointed questions that we would love Mitt Romney to answer. Mitt on the other hand avoided answering anything. I am pretty certain that had Acosta asked “Is your name Mitt Romney”, the response would have been “What my name is, is unimportant, the key is to get the economy running again”.

Romney was hammered on the subject of releasing his Tax Returns. In a long and rambling rant he explained that he had complied with federal regulations and CNN and everyone else could shove the subject up their ass. What you get is what you get!

Of course the best way to rile up Mitt is to bring up the subject of Bain Capitol. The mention of the company name gets Mitt in a tizzy. He tells us that he departed the company in 1999 to run Olympics. Yet documents keep surfacing indicating that he was still very involved with Bain. The simple question is ‘who the hell cares’? The answer is simple, no one does!

However, people do care about why a ‘would be’ guest at the worlds most exclusive hotel The White House seems so defensive. Is there a reason?

I have to admit that for a presidential candidate to get put through the wringer by a relatively ‘low key’ member of CNN surprised me. I saw the dreaded four ‘un’s’, Unprepared, Uncooperative, Unlikeable, and possibly Untruthful.

Politicians have a knack of not answering a direct question. And Mitt seems to be the expert. Of course it is only a matter of time before this ability makes it to the forefront. As we all know Penn State University is digging itself out of the Sandusky problem, and I do feel sorry for those involved with the Nittany Lions’ that were not involved. Are we now facing the Mittany Liars?

One thing is clear, Mitt is in a corner, he bombed with the NAACP, and bombed with CNN. At some point he will have to face Obama in a debate. It will be a blood bath! I don’t particularly like Obama, but he is damn good at debating. Let the blood letting begin!

Simon Barrett

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