-By Warner Todd Huston

I am going to say it straight out. I cannot support Mitt Romney for President. He is not a conservative in any way whatsoever. In fact, he’s not really a Republican. He’s not a Democrat. He’s not an independent or Green. He isn’t anything. He’s a businessman. And that is the beginning and end of his “ideology.”

Mitt Romney is certainly a get-it-done type of fellow, that is beyond dispute. It is also beyond dispute that he is generally a center right kid of guy. But he has no principle that he won’t subordinate for the task at hand. He has no ideals that he won’t bend, ignore or “change his mind” on to win.

Sadly, Mitt Romney has no principles at all.

This abortion issue is the perfect example of his unprincipled desire to win. Watch this video and see how he flips and flops on the abortion issue all depending upon what he has to say to win and depending upon who he is talking to at the moment.


Like I said, Romney is certainly a guy who can get things done. No one can deny that fact. His record shows an able executive. But his is a record of building consensus on whatever is the prevailing opinion on the issue of the day, not one of leading from his own internal principles.

If this were an era in the US when we didn’t face some of the most dangerous times our country ever faced, Romney would be a fine caretaker president. If Romney should have presided over the era that Clinton did, for instance, he might have been just fine. But we are not in such a carefree era. We face some of the toughest decisions that a president will ever have to make and if we have a flip flopper like Romney, if we have a president who will preside by sticking his finger in the air for every major issue and then deciding that he, too, feels that way (just like Clinton did, by the way), well we will be in a world of hurt.

Romney is not the man for the White House in 2008. He will endanger this country just as bad as any Democrat would.

I urge any reader of this site NOT to vote for Mitt Romney. Thompson is good, Hunter is good… even Giuliani would be better than Romney (though I don’t support Rudy, either). But Romney would be a disaster for this country as well as the GOP itself.

Romney cannot be believed in anything he says as his many abortion stances prove and it isn’t just his abortion flip flops at issue. He has floated back and forth on most of the key Republican principles all his life never coming firmly and finally down on any one side. Our ideal president has been a man of strong character and leadership, not one who is led by everyone else. Romney has no character nor is he a leader, a man with strong ideas.

Vote against Mitt Romney in the GOP primary in your state.

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