The self reinvention of Mitt Romney as a far right conservative continued today in Sioux City, Iowa as he took aim at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Addressing a crowd of 200 Romney said, “Her view is the old, classic, European caricature that we describe of big government, big taxation, and welfare state. She gave a speech a couple of days ago and laid out her vision for America. And as I listened to her I figured her platform wouldn’t even get her elected in France.I’m convinced if Hillary were president … that we would see instead of a stronger military and a stronger economy and stronger families, we’d see a weaker military because she would … be able to spend money on the social programs that she favors,” he said. “We’d see a weaker economy because she’d raise taxes and we’d have less money going into the private sector and creating new jobs. We’d see weaker families as well.”

If all this were really true, Hillary would have the Democratic nomination locked up already and could start planning her General Election campaign. The Clintons are such big government and welfare state supporters that Bill Clinton signed the bill that threw millions off of welfare in 1996. The Clintons are so big government that they pushed deregulation to heights that Ronald Reagan and George Bush (41) could only dream. The Clintons are such big tax increasers that they raised taxes on the highest bracket and lowered them for everyone else. These are the same Clintons who balanced the budget by cutting domestic spending. These are the same Clintons who oversaw an economic boom, and record job creation. I don’t think Mitt Romney and I are talking about the same people.

The fact is that Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater Girl in the 1964 election, and she holds positions on some issues that are more conservative than Romney and Giuliani. Hillary is more conservative than Romney on gay marriage, and more conservative than Rudy on government funding for abortion. Liberals in the Democratic Party don’t trust Hillary because, except for two recent token votes, she has supported the Iraq war. She has infuriated liberals by refusing to apologize for her vote in favor of the war, but I don’t support Hillary Clinton for the same reason that I could never support Mitt Romney.

The Clintons and Romney both seem to have no political soul. They will be whatever the voters want them to be in order to get elected. They are only out for themselves, and will hold on to their positions until they are no longer politically useful. The fact that Romney has buried the views of the liberal Republican who governed Massachusetts, in favor of a far right conservative belief system that he thinks GOP voters want proves my point completely. His attack on Clinton is hilarious not only for its complete inaccuracy, but also for its degree of hypocrisy. Romney is the Republican Hillary, except Hillary is more of a conservative than old Mitt will ever be.

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