Harry Mitchell’s lead over Rep. J.D. Hayworth remains some 6,000 votes as counting extends into fifth day. Mitchell heads to Washington for orientation sessions. The Democratic challenger has made no claim of victory, but appointed a former congressman to help prepare for transition if he wins. Hayworth, who has 75,163 votes to Mitchell’s 80,820 by Saturday afternoon, said he intends to wait until every ballot is counted. Even if Hayworth concedes, all remaining ballots from the 5th Congressional District would be tallied. Some 250,000 ballots piled up in early voting and are being processed at the rate of about 25,000 a day. More than 180,000 ballots are left, and officials anticipate they will be counting throughout the week. National and State leaders of the republican party while publicly supporting Hayworth’s right to Waite till all ballots have been counted are privately rumored to be rather embarrassed by Hayworth’s lack of grace in conceding the election to Mitchell.

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