It was with great humor that I read the BOMBSHELL news that Misty Croslin has failed a ‘Secret’ lie detector test. She has failed several polygraphs previously, why would this one be any different?

Tonight I decided to do something I rarely do, I decided to see what was happening on TV’s version of the National Enquirer, otherwise known as Nancy Grace on HLN.

After the BOMSHELL, EXCLUSIVE, And Breaking News nonsense, we got a taste of what these might be. A jail house letter that apparently Misty has written concerning the events on the night of Haleigh Cummings disappearance, and the rumor swirling around about Misty failing yet another polygraph.

Nancy starts the show with “Lets go right out to Satsuma, Florida, Art Harris what is the story”?

Art Harris was no nearer to Satsuma than the CNN studio in Atlanta for over a year. That was obvious by the  studio background that was used. It is a minor thing, but when reporting with credibility, you should try and keep to the facts.

So after an hour of old video, and rhetoric there was actually no mention of the BOMBSHELL letter. This letter has been the clarion call from the Art Harris/Nancy Grace team for over a week.

It is possible that it exists, but it is very unlikely that either Art Harris or Nancy Grace have it in their possession. I would find it hard to believe that Nancy or Art could sit on this information for more than 5 minutes! Of course it is possible that Art lost the letter. He seems to be good at losing stuff, computers, important tapes, etc. But he also seems to have the luck of the Irish, when the time is right, these missing items seem to be found again.

The other BOMBSHELL was the latest failed polygraph by Misty Croslin. According to one source it was a ‘Secret Police Polygraph’, and Misty failed it miserably. As best I can tell Misty has failed at least 3 or 4 prior tests. Why would this one be different?

This program was not BOMBSHELL but BULLS**T.

Simon Barrett

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