What If? We are still verifying some of this information, but we decided that it was important to get the news out.

The drums have been busy this morning, and there are some interesting items that are worthy of consideration.

One of the reasons that Ronald Cummings has cited as a cause for the break up of the marriage has been the constant press coverage. They could not even go grocery shopping without being in the lens of the TV cameras. Yes I can understand that that likely would put stress on any marriage. Escaping from the spotlight does seem like a good idea.

However, Ronald Cummings clearly does not practice what he preaches, if he did he would not have been on HLN’s Nancy Grace program this week. The rumor mill is also saying that today he is heading north to do a taping with Maury Povich?

Meanwhile Misty Croslin supposedly is en route to the Orlando airport to catch a 2pm Delta flight to New York. The purpose of the trip? An appearance on a National News Show. Yup, sure sounds like they are avoiding those pesky TV cameras. Oh and Misty will have a traveling companion, Donna Brock.

Who is Donna Brock? Well this is her new ‘well heeled’ friend. She was also the driver involved in the Misty Road Rage incident.

It also seems obvious that Misty and/or her driver knew the girl who called 911 over the road rage story that surfaced yesterday. But was it road rage or was this a set up? In either case, the question is why? I am not sure what the answer is, or if it matters, but is it possible that a freelance reporter who has claimed to have some exclusive interviews might be involved?

It has been reported by OrlandoSentinel.com, among others, that the woman who called 911 is Courtney Ballinger, 25, of Massachusetts.

Many people have already linked Donna Brock to Texas EquuSearch, a journey to her MySpace page reveals that.

And this same Donna Brock, according to the photos, also appears on FaceBook. Of interest is the fact that her only friend link is a freelance reporter Steph Watts. Yup, the same guy with the Misty exclusive story!

A connection between Donna Brock and Courtney Ballinger may be made via Steph Watts FaceBook friends.

Another one of his friends is a  Sarah Dayiantis.   She has a profile picture that shows another girl at her side who looks a lot like this woman named…Courtney Ballinger!

Folks, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but suddenly we have a huge pile of coincidences. Too many for me to handle!

I will let you all draw you own conclusions.

The only thing I know as fact is that in two days time Haleigh Cummings will have been missing for eight long months. It is time that Haleigh Cummings came home.

And my great thanks to the ‘source’ who did all of the great investigative digging for this article.

Simon Barrett

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