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Misty Croslin and Hope Sykes are scheduled to appear before Judge Terry LaRue this morning for arraignment hearings in Palatka.

Ronald Cummings will not be present since he has already issued his not guilty plea through his attorney, Terry Shoemaker.

Misty Croslin faces eight counts of trafficking in prescription pills and is being held at the St. Johns County Jail on a bond of $1.35 million. Hope Sykes, who is Ronald Cummings’ cousin, faces one count of trafficking and has bonded out of the Putnam County Jail on a bail amount of $150,000.

Misty Croslin, Cummings, Tommy Croslin, Hope Sykes and Donna Brock were arrested Jan. 20, Croslin and Cummings were faced with two additional counts on Feb. 3 due additional discoveries in the continuing investigation.

FDLE officials have said that the drug arrests are not related to the Haleigh case.

Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin face minimum prison sentences of 25 years if convicted of these drug charges.

Putnam County investigators have repeatedly said that Misty Croslin is a key to solving Haleigh’s disappearance. They said Croslin’s statements have been inconsistent and don’t match evidence police recovered at the Cummings house after Haleigh was reported missing – Feb. 10, 2009.

TJ Hart

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