The last person to see missing Florida girl Haleigh Cummings found out her final fate today in the sentencing phase of the unreleased drug case. Already having managed to achieve a 25 year sentence in  St Johns county on related drug charges. Today’s sentence in Putnam County added another 25 years. The key phrase used though was ‘concurrent’. Misty is looking at 25 years behind bars. She also has the minor problem of a $2 million owed in fines (with interest the $1.5 assessed will likely far exceed $2 mil by the time he is looking for a job). In what can only be described as pointless, upon release her driving privileges are also suspended for two years!

In reality Misty Croslin got off lightly. Although the the judge opted not to allow the Juvenile Offender card to be played (which could have reduced the sentence to 6 years), the judge also had the latitude to sentence her to 240 years!

Although the drug case was separate from the search for missing girl Haleigh Cummings it gives one reason to ponder. Is this justice being handed down for Haleigh?

One thing is very clear, if the likely protagonists in the Haleigh Cummings had stepped forward the Jails in Florida would not be quite so full. Father Ronald Cummings scored 15 years, as did Misty’s brother, Tommy Croslin, bit players Hope Sykes and Donna Brock also managed the magic 15. Even Misty Croslin’s parents Hank and Lisa have managed to become embroiled in the case.

I will also make a prediction, this essentially marks the end of the active case to find Haleigh Cummings. It is sad, but understandable. Law Enforcement gave this case everything they had. If you look back at the news coverage of the case that aspect should be obvious. My hat goes off to all of the people from PCSO and other agencies that worked this case with so much professionalism and dedication. I know that there are some that feel that the PCSO was less than forthcoming with information, and had they shared more the general public might have been able to assist more.

Jan Barrett and I invested a huge part of our lives in covering this case. The ending is not one that we expected. But, it is what it is.

Simon Barrett

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