OK by now we all know that there was a lot of excitement in Putnam County or should I say the whole area between three Florida counties.

The then 17 year old babysitter/girlfriend/then bride/now divorced Misty Croslin, Ron Cummings (father of missing Haleigh Cummings from Putnam County), Hank Croslin Jr., Donna Brock, and Hope Sykes were all busted in a drug sting last night and before we could bat an eye, they were separated not only by cell rooms but by jailhouses in different counties.

Misty and her brother, Hank and Donna Brock of Orlando Florida are being held in St. John’s County jail, supposedly because a number of the alleged transactions that took place there in that county.

Ronald Cummings is being held in Flagler County and Hope Sykes of Satsuma is being held in Putnam County.

When Misty appeared in court this morning the Judge in St. Johns County made it clear to her that she was being charged with 6 counts of drug trafficking, five for which is from Putnam County and one in St. Johns County. He told her that her bond was being set at $950,000.

Now here is what shocked me and threw me for a loop. Judge Charles Tinlin asked Misty whether or not she could afford an attorney and her response to him was that she could afford one and in fact she already had one. I was like WOW! I want to be on the payroll this girl is on if she isn’t working yet she can afford an attorney. Those guys are expensive.

Now I know some people ask what does all this have to do with finding little Haleigh Cummings. Well in a way it could very well be what was needed to be done. Maybe now someone that holds the key will be singing like a bird hoping for a plea deal or something. Who knows?

It seems like every time things start to really get quiet in this case one of this gang messes up and gets arrested for something and the gossip stirs. I think maybe they all need to sit down with George and Cindy Anthony and talk. George and Cindy could give them some lessons on how to stir gossip and trouble without getting yourself locked up behind bars.

The only difference between the Anthony’s (the grandparents of the murdered Caylee Anthony from Orlando) and the Cummings/Croslin clan in my book is that the Anthony’s never get thrown in jail for what they do to cause trouble (not that they shouldn’t but for some reason they never do so there must be a secret lesson here somewhere that the clan from Putnam County could learn). In fact the Anthony’s manage to get free rooms at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and got to eat steak dinners and probably drink expensive wine. Oh and let’s not forget all the trips to New York and California to make special appearances on TV news shows and a nice vacation on a cruise ship for the family for what was it, 3 or 4 days? Oh well I say family but of course Casey didn’t get to go. While they were out on the deck of the boat getting a suntan Casey was sitting behind bars all alone. How sad is that? Anyway I will not go there right now, but honestly the Cummings/Croslin clan needs to take lessons. If they want publicity why don’t they go out as a team and find Haleigh? That would get their names in print and their faces plastered all over the TV and internet and it won’t cost them thousands of dollars like going to jail does.

Do they honestly even think about Haleigh anymore? Well if they don’t WE do and WE want this precious little girl found. If anyone knows anything that will lead the Putnam County Sheriff’s office to find her PLEASE report it so she can come home. America waits patiently (OK well some maybe not so patiently but they still wait) for her to be found. I pray that the latest activities in Putnam County will wake someone up and make them realize NOW is the time to speak up.

Jan Barrett

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