A 9 month old baby is in the hospital in critical condition after Camden County, Missouri authorities found the baby girl covered in blood with a deep wound to her neck. When they first spotted the child they thought she was dead but she lifted her head so they knew she was still hanging on. Sheriff Dwight Franklin said, “A deputy immediately snatched it up, applied pressure to it, covered it up, and ran back to the ambulance with it.”

Reports say that Bradie Simpson, 39 years old, talked to a pastor, months ago, telling him that she thought she was possessed and might hurt her baby. In October she went to the First Baptist Church in Camdenton talking to pastor Bob AuBuchon yelling at him telling him, “Take my baby, Take my baby!”

AuBuchon said, “She more or less just tossed her baby into my arms and said, ‘Tie me down!’ and then she said, ‘Possession! Possession!’

He said she later stopped talking but she got a piece of paper and wrote, “Do not let me harm the baby.” AuBuchon said he prayed with her but when she tried grabbing the baby to leave the church called 911. The Missouri Children’s Division removed the baby from Simpson’s care that day but eventually they let Simpson take the child back.

Camden County Authorities were called Saturday to the home of Simpson where her adult son told them that Simpson and the baby were missing. The deputies started searching and a few hours later they found Simpson lying on the ground in the woods. She was holding the baby.

Bradie Simpson has been charged with first degree assault and armed criminal action. She was jailed on a $200,000 bond. It was also said that after they found Simpson with the baby, they found some heroin inside the home as well.

I do pray that once this little girl pulls through and starts to heal that she will not be given back to her mother. It is clear that the woman has some issues that would be putting this baby in harm’s way if they give her back. If they had not given her back to her mother before, this probably would have never happened. I hope this woman gets some help too.

Jan Barrett

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