By Shaun Moore

Could Missouri be this election’s Ohio or Florida? Prognosticators believe Missouri is ripe for controversy this year.

The Missouri Senate contest between Democrat Claire McCaskill and first-term Senator, (R) Jim Talent, could be the race that decides which party ends up with control of the Senate. The poll numbers have been tight since the summer and neither candidate appears to be pulling away. The stem cell initiative on the Missouri ballot is also expected to help generate a higher than normal voter turnout for a midterm election.

All of this already has some in both parties crying foul about voting trouble. Democrats have complained that a law requiring voters to bring a photo ID to the polls might create confusion on Tuesday. The law was passed by the state legislature only to be struck down in court. Might some poll workers still demand a photo ID? And could this lead to thousands of those dreaded provisional ballots?

Republicans in the state have an attitude that leads them to believe there is an overall voter fraud amongst the Democrats in the state. They point to a recent indictment of four ACORN workers in Kansas City for allegedly submitting false voter registrations in Kansas City.

All of this leads to a possible showdown for control of the Senate. Depending on the polls you look at, it appears that the Democrats are ahead in four or five of the key Senate races that might help them get the magic number of six seats. That leaves us with three races to focus on. Tennessee might be a tough win at this point. Harold Ford Jr. is down almost twelve points in the polls. In Virginia, Jim Webb continues to surge and most polls have this race as either a toss up or they have Webb ahead by a few points. Then there is Missouri. This race is too close to predict. Both candidates are hovering around the mid-forty percentile.

Shaun Moore blogs at The Daily Spectator.

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