Up until now the Governor of Mississippi was refusing to place the stay at home order for the people in Mississippi but he finally gave in and placed the order to stay at home, effective at 5 p.m. Friday. A press conference was held Wednesday afternoon and he said as he made the announcement of the order, “We are all in danger from coast to coast. As leaders, our top priority is and always will be the safety of our citizens.”

Governor Reeves stated that the decision was made Tuesday afternoon as “more data began to arrive” and public health experts informed him that it was necessary to place the order in the state. He also stated that some people do not have a healthy fear of this virus, but they are wrong and they are risking lives if they don’t take these warnings more seriously. The Governor promises that this order will be enforced so people need to take it seriously.

Currently Mississippi stands at more than 1000 cases and cases specifically in nursing homes have been on the rise. State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs said, “We really are at the front of this thing but if we can use this tool to slow things down, that’s what we’re doing.” He agrees that the stay at home order will help prevent the state’s health system from becoming overwhelmed.

Wednesday, the state of Mississippi reported 1073 confirmed cases of the corona virus with 22 deaths, which includes 136 new cases since Tuesday, which makes the largest single day increase yet. Six of the state’s Senators are asking Governor Reeves to close all of the public and private beaches through at least April 30.

I am a resident of the state of Mississippi right now and I agree with this order from the Governor. I think we have a serious problem across the world right now. I pray to God that this will stop soon so everyone can get back to their normal lives. But please don’t forget to thank God if you survive this. I know I thank God every morning that he allows me to wake up to another day and for allowing me to have a roof over my head and electricity in my home with food in my freezer so I can ride this out as long as God sees fit for it to go on.

Please listen to your Governor, Stay At Home! It is not fun but it is better to be safer than sorry! God Bless you all!


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