On our radio show yesterday TJ Hart told us a rather heart warming story about the kindness shown to a family that met with a disturbing event while passing through Gainsville, Florida. In these days of madness and mayhem taking center stage in the news I find it comforting that there are occasional random acts of kindness – Simon

TJ Hart Reporting

Earlier in July, a Mississippi family stopped in Gainesville, FL to rest on their way to trip to Tampa. On that stay, the father and most of the children left their third story hotel room to get breakfast at a nearby fast food restaurant.

That’s when a man police think was focusing on the mother, left his silver crew cab pickup truck and headed for the room where he thought she would be there alone.

The man knocked on the door while the mother was in the restroom. The family’s 13-year-old daughter opened the door thinking it was the hotel’s house cleaning staff. The black man with beer belly , wearing a stocking mask and a Panama Jack hat, was surprised to see the girl. He quickly covered her mouth and jumped on her. That’s when the girl fought back!

VIDEO: Meet the 13-year-old girl who fought off her attacker!


When the girl’s mother heard the noise from the room, she came out of the restroom and joined in the fight forcing the assailant to leave quickly with injuries and the family’s money.

The Gainesville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 67 didn’t much like what happened to that family in their town. The officers quickly gathered about $250 in cash to get the family back to Mississippi.

But that still wasn’t good enough. Lodge president Jeff McAdams took to the radio airwaves Monday, July 27th asking for donations so this family could enjoy the vacation of which they were robbed.

It worked!

Donations came from private citizens and businesses throughout the area. In the end, this family was given a free trip to Disney World in Orlando! Off duty Gainesville police officers guarded their room while in town and escorted them to their Disney World hotel.

VIDEO: Mother of the robbed family talks about that week and the Disney Trip


TJ Hart

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