William F.Buckley Jr. Uniquely American, Catholic and Conservative! RIP 2008

American Catholics have lost a valuable conservative commentator today with the death of William F. Buckley Jr. Over the past 50 years Mr. Buckley has been a keen advocate for the Catholic right and a strong endorser of Catholic moral, social and ethical principles. While he sported a Conservative label and always it seemed wrinkled Brooks Brothers suits his veracious tenacity as a committed pioneer of the Conservative movement, he was always full of eloquence and no nonsense expressions of the Right wing. Perhaps the most valuable loss for all Americans, especially Irish Catholics is his majestic ability to utilize uncommon words and make them part of the vernacular.
His socio economic background was of course Irish Catholic, and his strong defense of Catholic principles made him quite the quintessential personification of all aspects of Conservative Catholicism and no-Nonsense American politics.
As a student and even today my sentiments for this exceptional “Catholic boy” done good can only be the foundation for many great debates and discussions that always furthered the correct integration of traditional and modern Catholicism.

In setting the standard for linguistic excellence and the importance of a strong intellectual basis for all discussions, William F.Buckley Jr.’s death signals the end of a journalistic era that was pronounced in its straight forward and academically brash presentation of world events as well as social and theological musings.
Straightforward and forcefully, William F. Buckley Jr. penned editorial manuscripts and cold-war spy novels that would make any American want to be Catholic, Irish and a conservative.
In homage, pray for his repose, and this short article is signed in the same style as WFB.
Hugh McNichol is a freelance Catholic author that writes on topics uniquely Catholic. He writes daily @ http://verbumcarofactumest.blogspot.com
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