sky-with-his-mom.jpgThis is a case of a missing 2 year old child from Washington that disappeared on November 6, 2011. Sky Metalwala’s disappearance is yet another strange situation though.

According to his mother Julia Biryukova, Sky wasn’t feeling well that morning so she put him in his car seat in the back seat of her car along with her four year old daughter and they headed to the hospital.

Julia reported to the police that her car ran out of gas on the way to the hospital so she pulled it to the side of the road and took her four year old daughter with her, leaving Sky alone in the car while he was sleeping in his car seat, and they walked to the nearest gas station about a mile away. She claims she called a friend to come pick them up and when they returned to her car about an hour later Sky was missing.

To begin with why in the world would anyone leave a 2 year old baby that was supposedly sick all alone in a car on the side of a road like that. To make things even more suspicious when the police were called out, they inspected the car and found that there was plenty of gas in the car. In fact there was enough in it to run for a considerable distance.

The story just doesn’t add up. According to reports Julia has refused to take a lie detector test and has not exactly been very cooperative with the police in this investigation. Her attorney says she refuses to take the test because they are unreliable and because she is too emotionally devastated. Apparently Julia has been in a bitter divorce and custody battle with Sky’s father, Solomon Metalwala who has cooperated fully with the police and he voluntarily took a polygraph test.

sky-metalwala-with-his-dad.jpgThis case has not received much publicity, in fact I only heard about it today myself. Tonight on America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh is going to feature this story. Walsh has to ask, “Who walks to a gas station to get gas and leaves your 2 year old alone in the car,” He goes on to say, “The real key to this case… is the mom.”

Detectives also noted that the very night before Sky was reported missing, a popular TV show, “Law & Order: SVU” aired an episode that was amazingly similar to this case. On the program a woman claimed she left her young son strapped in the backseat of her car when she went inside a store to buy diapers. When she came out of the store she found her son and her car gone. In this episode the case ends when the police connected to parents to the child’s disappearance and the child’s remains are found on a remote beach. Police are saying the two cases are strikingly similar in nature.

I do hope that having this case brought up on America’s Most Wanted will bring someone forth that can shed some light on it so that police can find this little boy. I also pray that he is alive and well somewhere.

Sky has been described as being a half white and half Asian Indian male child. His hair is a dark buzz style cut and he has brown eyes. If anyone has any information on what happened to little Sky Metalwala please give the Bellevue Police Department a call at (425) 452-2546. Let’s try to bring this baby home. May God be with him.

Jan Barrett

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