James A. Soares Sr. and his wife Marian Soares of Warren, Rhode Island had been reported missing after they apparently didn’t show up for a family reunion. They were found Saturday after police used a backhoe to dig up the backyard of their home.

Police have arrested the couple’s son, James A. Soares Jr. He was charged with the murders at his arraignment today at the state police barracks in Lincoln.

Police say the couple was found in the septic tank when it was dug up in their back yard. Two body bags were removed which held their remains and several bags of dirt were also removed.
Associated Press is reporting that James Jr. killed his parents with a hoe and they found the hoe underneath his father’s body.
Friends and family have told police that Marian, 53 and James, 60, had a very rocky relationship with their son, James Jr. who is 24. Dave and Tracey Rasmussen used to live a few houses down from the couple and they told police that Marian didn’t get along with her son. “James Jr. and his mom didn’t have the best of relationships. They argued. She was afraid of him and would come over to my house, said Tracey Rasmussen. “She’d just hang out till Jim Sr. got home from work, so she’d be safe.”  Dave Rasmussen said, “This is brutal. He was their only son.”

Michael Laroche said, “They had problems with the son. I didn’t expect this, although knowing Jimmy’s temper it’s not surprising. They were always arguments over there. He had a violent temper.”

Mrs. Rasmussen said, “The father always stuck up for him. We knew he had a temper but he was always respectful to me.”

Kenny Barber, another neighbor, said, “They had a lot of problems there and the police had a lot of problems with their son.

Warren Police Chief, Thomas Gordon, said, “All indications are that a family member was involved in the demise of these two individuals.”

The couple had been married for 27 years. When they didn’t show up for the family reunion family members became concerned so they filed a missing person’s report on July 15. When officers responded to the missing persons report they went to the couple’s home and their son told them his mother had gone to visit a friend in Massachusetts and that there was no problem.

Apparently James Jr. is not a name not known by the Rhode Island Criminal Information Database. He has been charged several times with minor crimes in Warren. In April 2005 he pleaded no contest to a vandalism charge and was given a one year suspended sentence. In October 2004 he pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge and was given 6 months probation.

James Soares Sr. had been indicted by a federal grand jury in 2002 on a charge of unlawfully possessing firearms as a convicted felon.

Jan Barrett

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