zach-and-niece.jpgOn June 24, 2009 Christy Ragas received a phone call from her 26 year old son, Zachary Pittman. Little did she know this would be the last time she would ever hear from him again.

Now I know a father has pain when he loses a child, but a mother has more than just pain. A mother that has carried a child from the moment of conception to the minute they are born into this world, knows this child better than anyone else could ever dream of. Please don’t for one second think I am saying a father doesn’t have pain, I am only saying that a mother’s feelings are so different.

My case of course was different from Christy’s but when I had to bury my twin boys (they were born pre-mature) a part of me was buried with them. This was 28 years ago and I still have that feeling of emptiness inside me and even though not too many others understood why I couldn’t just move on, I would cry at night and walk the floor as the years passed by and when I have time alone I still cry for them. I had two other children after this and I love them dearly but I still grieve for my twin boys.

My point in bringing this up is because I grieve for two babies that I never had a chance to hold or cuddle with. I was cheated out of my right as a mother to raise the boys. Maybe this is why this case hit me so close to my heart. When I heard of the pleas from Christy needing help in finding her son Zach, my heart reached out to her. She is going through the kind of pain that I would not wish on my worse enemy.

Christy has lost her son. She looks at her granddaughter (Zachary’s daughter) who doesn’t understand where her Daddy is and I am sure she hurts even more. Christy knew her son better than anyone else. He trusted her to tell her everything that he did. He knew there was nothing he couldn’t talk to her about, no matter what the subject was. She had an awesome relationship with Zach and she knows he would never have walked away from her and his children. The first thing everyone wanted to know was if he was on drugs.

Some automatically want to know if Zach was using drugs. As I said Christy talked to him just a few minutes before he was last seen and she says he wasn’t talking like he was on an all time high. Should he be forgotten if he had been on drugs? NO! He should not be. What would you do if it were your son? Would you like for his case to go unsolved leaving you to have to live the rest of your life not knowing where he was or what happened within those few minutes after he called his mother and the police arrived at the home where he was.

Simon and I had the pleasure of meeting with Christy this past Saturday and I can say I honestly could see the pain in her eyes. I had to hug her when she got here because my heart goes out to her and so she knew we was here to do whatever we can do to help. This woman thought she was in this battle to find her son all alone til now. Thanks to all of you readers and the friends on Facebook she doesn’t feel that way anymore. The support from everyone has given her hope. She is fueled up and ready to fight more in finding Zach but now she doesn’t feel like she is fighting alone.

We have covered several missing persons cases on BNN before this and I remember several of the families immediately setting up fund raising organizations and somehow those funds remain a secret to those that donated as to where the money went to. Haleigh Cummings family did it, and so did Caylee Anthony’s family just as two examples. Christy has not asked anyone for a dime.

I am asking all of you to please keep Christy and her family in your prayers. Also please pray that someone that knows something will come forward with the information that could help locate Zachary. His mother needs to find him so she will know where he is. I can go visit my twins grave when I want to go talk to them but Christy can’t even do that right now, so if you know anything PLEASE call the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s office at 985-726-7836. If you are not comfortable talking to them feel free to email me at or my husband Simon at

Please join us in this search by passing this around. The word of mouth is the best way to get this kind of information out. God bless you all and I personally thank all of you for giving your support to Christy when she desperately needs you. Simon and I will be keeping up with this case. We want more than anything to help give Christy and her family what they need. God bless her and her family and may God be watching over Zachary where ever he may be.

Jan and Simon Barrett

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