Janeesa Lewis that was reported missing and was feared to be in danger since her apartment showed signs of foul play. Police reported that the apartment was a wreck and blood was found inside.

Tammy Skelton, Janeesa’s sister, told kfoxtv.com that Janeesa has been found hurt but alive at least. Skelton said that Lewis’s husband Clinton saw on the news that they were looking for his wife so he decided to turn himself in.

Delores Pidgeon, Lewis’s grandmother says the woman called and reported that her husband kidnapped her from her El Paso apartment last week and took her to Nevada and then they returned to El Paso to turn himself in.

She reportedly had been beaten and stabbed. “He took her into Nevada,” Pidgeon said. “She said she is in shock. She’s got two big holes in her legs and she has lost a lot of blood.” Janeesa was taken to William Beaumont Army Medical Center where she received stitches for her stab wounds. Her husband had uses a steak knife to stab her.

“I just got so excited last night to her voice,” Pidgeon said. “She has bumps and bruises all over. You don’t always hear good stories, but thank God this is good.”

Skelton said her sister joined the army and moved to El Paso to try and start a new life to get away from her husband. However Clinton moved into Janeesa’s apartment later and was controlling Janeesa’s every move.

Apparently Lewis had been planning on leaving her husband and her sister thinks that is what led to this violent kidnapping. Her husband, Clinton Lewis had been arrested on an aggravated kidnapping charge and he is being held on a $75,000 bond.

Jan Barrett

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