A Reserve, Louisiana couple, Kenneth Joseph, 34 and Lakeitha Joseph, 29 were reported missing on Februart 19, 2014 when relatives found their home unlocked and looking as though the place had been ransacked. Relatives claim that it is unusual for the couple not to keep in touch with family members. “He would never, ever take off without calling his family,” said Kenneth’s mother, Earnestine Joseph. “My son would never go a day without contacting his family.”

The Joesphs

Earnestine says she thinks someone has kidnapped her son and his wife. Although she says the apartment looks like it had been ransacked the police say the place simply looked as if the couple had just left in a hurry.

Apparently Kenneth’s car was broken down so he borrowed his sister, Alosia Joseph Howard’s Van, which he did on a regular basis but she says he always returned it to her on the same day because he knew she needed it to go to work. She said when she woke the next morning and her Van wasn’t there she knew something was wrong. She said he would never leave her in that predicament knowing she had to go work.

The Van has been located in suburban Atlanta, Thursday around 3 p.m. in good condition at an apartment complex in College Park according to St. John the Baptist Sheriff Mike Tregre. The Van is now with the Fulton County Sheriff’s office and Sheriff Tregre said they are sending two of their detectives to Atlanta to work with the agency there.

Tregre said they have followed up on several tips that they have received but none has helped them come up with anything to find the missing couple.

The family has been passing out fliers and posting them in parking lots of stores and on social media. The family is asking if anyone knows anything about what could have happened to this couple to please call 911 or the sheriff’s office.  They are really worried, especially since this is so unusual for them to go off without telling someone where they are.

I pray wherever they are, that they are OK. My thoughts and prayers are with both Kenneth and Lekeitha. I also am praying for the family. They are really anxious to know where the two are.

Jan Barrett

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