As 2010 creeps toward the end of the year I decided that it was time to once more bring the regular gang together and take a look back at the year, and a look forward to what the future might hold.

We will be talking about many subjects, but here are a few topics to whet your appetite.

Haleigh Cummings, has this now moved into the realm of ‘Cold Case? It certainly seems that way. The PCSO can hardly be blamed, they doggedly worked this case but to date there has been no evidence found about what actually happened to Haleigh Cummings. Of course it can be argued that they have achieved justice, father Ronald Cummings and Babysitter/wife/ex wife Misty Croslin face a long time behind bars on unrelated drug charges. As does Misty’s brother Tommy Croslin and a couple of others.

The real story behind Haleigh Cummings may never be known. I do feel however, that had someone stepped up to the plate in the early days the jails in Florida would have fewer inmates.

May/2011 seemed an awful long way off when it was announced that the trial of Casey Anthony was set to begin. That date is approaching quickly. It seems as if the defense team led by Jose Baez are clutching at ever shrinking straws. They have tried slinging mud at just about every wall available and none of it is sticking. Zannie the nanny did it, the Grunds did it, the meter reader did it, everyone but Casey Anthony did it! Well someone did it. Someone took the life of Caylee Anthony.

The Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases are completely different, yet absolutely the same. Had someone stepped up to the plate, the chances are that no-one would be behind bars right now.

Lives have forever been changed, oh not just for the people behind bars, but entire families and extended families. Many people have had their Warhol 15 minutes of fame, they have watched as the media has shredded them. Yes, I am guilty as charged. I ripped into many people over these two cases. I will say in my defense that on occasion I was leaked information with the idea of shaking the trees.

2010 also was the year that I got involved with the Mob! Well not literally, But I did get to talk with some ex-mobsters and the FBI agents involved. Leading the pack was ex Gambino foot soldier Andrew DiDonato, his life of organized crime came to a screeching halt in 1997. On the run, and with a price on his head by the Gambino family he was out of options. He became part of the witness protection program. His autobiography Surviving The Mob is chilling reading. Co-authored by my very good friend Denny Griffin it is slated to hit the book stores next week.

Andrew DiDonato introduced me to several colorful characters, some still in the WPP and living new lives with new identities. He also put me in touch with some ex FBI people. In fact last weekend I was flipping through the TV channels and watched a documentary, it was about an undercover agent, Jack Garcia, the FBI man that was so far underground that the Gambino’s were on the verge of elevating him to Made Man!

2010 also brought an introduction the somewhat strange world of Private Military Contractors, a world that few know much about other than the Blackwater scandal in Iraq. They are a breed apart, that is for sure.

Or program on Sunday will be a do not miss event. Joining me will be my wife Jan Barrett, The Crime Doctor, Denny Griffin (PC version is Dennis N Griffin), the always colorful William Cobra Staubs, statement analysis wizard Peter Hyatt, and Skyping in from an undisclosed location PMC pilot Dave Johnson. We may also have some other surprise guests.

Please join us on Sunday at 4pm eastern, to listen live, use this link. The one thing you can bet your bottom dollar on is that it won’t be boring!

Simon Barrett

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