This is a heartwarming story about a mother desperately searching for her missing daughter. Linda Parsons, from Port Salerno, Florida, is not looking for fame. She is not doing this to try and get her picture on National TV. She just wants to find her daughter. The thing that makes this case so different is that 10 year old Andrea Parsons disappeared 17 years ago, but her mother just can’t give up hope that her daughter is out there somewhere waiting to be found and brought home and I for one, as a mother too, can’t blame her. Linda is a mother that needs answers. She is a mother that refuses to give up.

Andrea disappeared on July 11, 1993. She was last seen when she was walking to Bucky’s Port Salerno Grocery store in her neighborhood to buy some candy. The last place so far that has been accounted for is while she was near the intersection of Seaward and Commerce.

Most of you know that HLN’s Nancy Grace has a show airing that is dedicated to trying to find 50 missing people in 50 days. Linda Parsons wrote into the show with her story about Andrea’s disappearance. You can go here and read her letter.  Luckily the show picked up the story and got a very quick mention on the show. Personally I watched the show but I somehow missed it while waiting for that segment to come up.

In September I wrote an article about Andrea in hopes that someone would see it that knows something that could help bring Andrea home. Please read my article that I wrote in September here.

I have here an age-progressed photo of what they say Andrea might look like at the age of 23 and one of when she was 10 years old. I am asking that you look at these photos. See if you might possibly have seen this woman out there or perhaps you can think back to when she disappeared, that you might remember seeing her years ago. Show the pictures to people and ask if they know anything about her. Someone has to know something and Linda Parsons needs their help.  I beg of you to please help her..

Andrea at the age of 10

An Age-progressed photo of what Andrea might look like at the age of 23

It is so sad knowing that once a case has gone cold, most give up on it and move on to the next missing victim. I know a few cases now that appear to be that way. The disappearance of two other Florida children, Haleigh Cummings, missing since February 10, 2009 from Satsuma and Adji Desir, missing since January 10, 2009 from Immokalee, are cases still unsolved that we have covered on BNN.

Another case of a missing man from Louisiana, Zachary Pittman, is one that has another mother desperately seeking her son. Christy Ragas has been desperately searching for any clues whatsoever that could help her locate him. Zachary has been missing since June 24, 2009. This was a case close to my home, from the area I lived most of my life so my husband, Simon and I got personally involved. Like Linda Parsons, Christy was having a hard time getting her story out as well. I contacted Christy and we started reporting on the case and now it seems as though the word has gotten out and has somewhat given Christy more strength to keep going. She was feeling so alone before and now she has hundreds supporting her and trying to help her keep Zach’s name out there in hopes of finding him.

So today I am once again making a plea to our readers to please get involved by passing this information along to everyone you know. You never know one day if we do this, it just might be passed on to someone that just might have the clue needed to find these people. It would sure give a few family members some peace. With God’s help, let’s bring these kids home. God bless the children and their family as well.

Please contact National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST) or contact John Silvas at the Martin County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) – 1-772-220-7170 with any information or questions.

Jan Barrett

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