I have been reporting here on BNN since July 2008 on cases of missing children, starting with the case of little Caylee Anthony. I find this a very sensitive subject and also that my heart seems to open wider to the children that fall victims to people that don’t seem to think twice about hurting an innocent child.

I don’t have a clue as to how many cases I have wrote about and trust me I am not out to receive any awards for the most cases covered here. I think it is so sad and utterly ridiculous that so many of these cases are even out there to cover to begin with. I think the laws need to be changed to protect the victims here instead of the criminals. How can any innocent child defend themselves in a case when they are kidnapped or raped or beaten up?

I decided today to write about some cases of missing children that actually have happy endings for a change just to remind us that there is hope out there and that some prayers are answered and even though we don’t think other prayers aren’t they really could be. Sometimes an unanswered prayer could be a blessing.

First of all, we have a three year old child that had wandered off from her back yard while playing with the family dog in Arizona. Victoria Bensch was missing for 15 hours as police searched for her in the mountains surrounding the Valley where she and her family lived. She was found alive and you can read about Victoria’s story here.

Next we have little 3 year old Iveliz Marie Flores who was reported missing by her mother. Although the story behind this missing child was sad at least the good news is that the little girl was safe where she was but her mother has been arrested for child neglect. I have an article written about Iveliz as well that can be seen here.

Then I read about an 11 year old boy, Oscar Andrade who was last seen playing ball with a relative in his yard. When the relative went to retrieve the ball he returned only to find Oscar gone. This case too ended with a happy ending. Read about Oscar’s adventure here.

It feels good to write about children missing and then being able to report that they have been found alive and well. Caylee Anthony wasn’t so lucky and quite a few others haven’t been but we have to still be thankful for those that have been.

We report about Haleigh Cummings who has been missing for over a year now. We continue reporting about the circus going on with the families involved in her disappearance hoping that the one little missing piece of the puzzle to finding out where she is will be found. I can’t give up on finding Haleigh. I won’t give up on my hopes that she is still alive, although other disagree with me. As long as there is any shred of hope I will stick with my gut feeling and continue praying for God to bring her home.

Haven’t we lost enough of our innocent children? When will this stop. These children are our future. Without them there will be no world. Something has to be done to stop this.

Jan Barrett

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