• Jaelyn Elizabeth Paige Rice, a five year old little girl who was abducted by her mother on July 16th 2009 in Wheelersburg, OH. Her mother is currently incarcerated with out bond on contempt of court charges setting from her refusal to inform authorities of her daughter’s whereabouts. Jaelyn Rice’s case did not post on the NCMEC database due to the biological mother knowing her whereabouts.
  • Eleven month old Daisja Weaver went missing in Dallas, TX on Jun 10th 2009. She is 2’0’’ and weighs 22 pounds. She may be in the company of a male adult.
  • Eleven year old Lindsey J Baum has been missing since July 26th 2009 from a McCleary, WA neighborhood. She was last seen leaving her friends house around dinner time.
  • Hussani Campbell a five year old little boy was taken on August 10th 2009 from Oakland CA. Hussani wear ankle braces.
  • Sixteen year old Jaime Williford went missing July 6th 2009, in New Orleans, LA. Jaime is paraplegic and is in need of medical attention.
  • Seventeen year old Brittanee Marie Drexel was reported missing on April 25th 2009 in Myrtle Beach, SC. Case #: ncmc1121354

All these case range back as far as five months ago. How scary is that for a parent. Not to mention the hundreds of missing children that are awaiting their recovery. The Orlando Sentinel was quoted in saying that “the missing children trails have gotten longer since 2008”. The NCMEC says that since 2007 we have encountered more missing children cases then ever. These children range from all ages, to even in their late teens. Most are abducted from their own homes while sleeping. Others are taken by force and sometimes in broad daylight in front of a crowded area. Once these stalking pedophiles are set in mind there is only one thing stopping their abilities to take our children; us the parents.

As a father of five children, I find myself in a worrisome dilemma.  I have a fourteen and a thirteen year old son that I try to allow the most leniencies possible, to allow their social lives to broaden. But when they are at the mall, friend’s house, skate parks or even outside playing basketball, I cannot help but to peak out of my window. Or call their friend’s parents to check on them, I drive to the skate parks and ride with them, or even call them a hundred times when they are alone. I home-school my children due to several incidents in the public school system of Florida.

After living in Florida during the Haleigh Cummings disappearance, I have tightened up as a parent drastically. I turned our upstairs living room into my daughter’s bed room, being that it’s right there when opening my bedroom doors. I can see them directly from my bed. I guess after living in a world where my children’s safety is compromised daily by idiots who find it arousing to lurk behind bushes plotting their unmerciful acts, I’ve come to the undisputed fact; I am their only protector. My children are my motivation to get up every day and make a living, to be happy within my self. They are my all, and if I was faced with the obstacles faced by the parents of missing children, I would die. There would be no rest or sleep. And my heart bleeds for all of those in this position.

We as parents must go out of our ways daily to secure our children’s lives. Like I’ve said before “They are the future but we must preserve their now” It’s our only duty as parents. When having children you give up everything and become the most selfless person ever to be. Parents tend to sometimes get frustrated and try to blow of steam by going to clubs, or friend’s houses to party or whatever, and that’s when it happens. Don’t look away. Keep your eyes on your children always, incase someone is lurking and plotting. We must step up and become true parents in this world; it’s for the kids not us. We had our fun. Now let’s provide a safe environment for them to enjoy their turn at some well deserved FUN!

My blessings to all the families with missing children and I pray that they are safely returned to you. My prayers for Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings missing since dawn on Feb. 10th 2009.


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