Here it is only four weeks before Christmas. It is the time of year when children wait patiently for Santa to come visit so they can see what they got for Christmas. The adults gather around with their loved ones. Everyone looks around and is thankful for what God has given them.

Unfortunately it isn’t so easy for others. Parents of children that are no longer with them or that are still out there in the world missing. Some know of an abused child that is a member of their family, but they can’t seem to get anyone to help them protect that child. How sad is that?

Until the past few years I never realized there was so many children missing in this world. My eyes have opened up since I began covering a story about a little girl, Caylee Anthony that was missing from Florida but wasn’t reported missing for 30 days. Almost 6 months later little Caylee was found dead. Her body was stuffed inside a laundry bag which was then stuffed inside a garbage bag and she was thrown away like trash. Caylee’s mother has been arrested for her murder and is waiting to go to trial now.

Then I covered the case of missing Adji Desir also from Florida. This little boy was outside playing in his grandmother’s yard where he couldn’t possibly have been hurting anyone. Then suddenly he disappeared. This has been since January 10, 2009. Little Adji has never been found to this day. No signs of where this child went to. No one saw anything. How could this have happened? How can a child disappear and stay gone without someone knowing about what happened to him? Where is Adji???

One month later, Haleigh Cummings disappeared from her bedroom in Putnam County Florida. This case has been a very bazaar case. Lies after lies, fingers being pointed at all the players, on both the mother’s side and the father’s side of the family and even at the babysitter’s side of the family too. Everyone wants to blame the other one yet no one has been arrested for Haleigh’s disappearance. Did Haleigh have enough of her drug inflicted family and just pack a bag and run away from home on her own? I should think not. I seriously doubt a five year old would be able to pull that off. There is someone out there that has the answers but who? How come no one has come forth and told what happened to the child that has captured America’s heart? The father, Ronald Cummings, the babysitter/stepmother Misty Croslin, the brother of Misty Croslin, Tommy Croslin, and two others are now sitting in jail on drug charges. Although LE is claiming it has nothing to do with Haleigh’s disappearance, why does it appear that all investigations on the case have come to a halt? Are they still working the case? If so, how come no one hears any news, other than when one of the key players is sentenced or when a member of their family goes to jail, or is released from jail? For close to two years now we have followed this case, and we wake up every morning wondering if today will be the day that we will hear something about what happened to Haleigh. Where is Haleigh???

Another case that really hit the public hard was Somer Thompson from Florida. She was on her way home from school but she never arrived. This precious little girl’s body was found in a public landfill in Georgia. Little Somer had been assaulted and she died of asphyxiation. Fortunately the man responsible for Somer’s death has been arrested. I pray he will never be free again to do this to another child again.

Recently another case of a missing child caught the attention across the world. A little girl that had fought and won her battle with cancer but she lost her leg and wore a hearing aid, Zahra Baker from North Carolina, disappeared and the world watched and listened for any news on the case waiting for the news if she was dead or alive and on what happened to her. The result ended tragically when the announcement had been formally made that little Zahra’s remains had been found and identified as that of Zahra’s. Needless to say a lot of hearts have been broken by this news as everyone was praying she would be found live although as each day passed the odds for that grew less and less. Her stepmother is in jail on unrelated charges but from what the public can see it appears that the stepmother, Elisa Baker and Zahra’s father are responsible for what happened to her but as of yet no one has been charged with her murder. What happened to little Zahra Baker? And who is responsible for what happened to her?

Unfortunately a missing child report does not always mean the child is not small. A missing child can be an adult too. We report on adults missing as well. The one that comes to my mind that I personally reported on is Zachary Pittman. The 26 year old man disappeared one night after a small argument with his sister. He walked away into the night and has never been seen again. His mother, Christy Ragas, is determined to find out what happened to her son. They are from Pearl River, Louisiana, a small town where everyone knows everyone. Trust me I know, because I was raised in a town 10 miles away from there. Christy has pretty much accepted that Zach is no longer alive but she has that drive in her that most any mother would have in her to find her child and at least lay him to rest the proper way. Where is Zach? What happened to him? Someone somewhere knows something but like the other missing children cases, no one is speaking up.

These are only a few cases we have covered on BNN, there are several more. We don’t write about the cases on a daily basis because there have not been any new developments to report on, but these kids deserve to be remembered. They should never be forgotten. My prayer list is getting longer each day but I still pray for each of them every night to either be found or to get the justice they deserve.

My prayers also are for the families left behind. During the holidays it has to be even harder for them, especially when they have other children to think about as well. They are forced to put on a smile for them when in their hearts they are crying for their lost loved ones. To the families of Adji, Haleigh, and Zach, I pray that one day these precious children will be found and once again your family can celebrate the holidays again.

In the meantime to the public, please keep praying. I have not forgotten these children and I never will. Please help me keep their names out there so they will never be forgotten. They need to be remembered. God bless them all.

Jan Barrett

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