How many times have you gone to the gas station for gas and left your child or kids in the car to run in and pay for it? Well I have to admit I have done it in the past but of course back then it was not as dangerous to leave my kids alone for a minute as long as it wasn’t too hot in the car. First of all my car was never a target for a thief, it was too old. Second children were not at a risk to be kidnapped so much as they are these days, at least I never gave it a second thought.

These days you can be in a grocery store and have your child right next to you and turn your head to reach for a product on the shelf and your child can be snatched up just that fast. We just can’t let them out of our sight. The child can be whipped to the restroom and completely changed in their appearance that no one would recognize it and be taken out the store before we know it. This is why I can’t stress it enough to never take your eyes off your kids when outside your home. When you have no choice, just know what they are wearing and where they are going in case you have to report it if they don’t come back or arrive where they were suppose to be going.

missing Houston babyI just read an article about a woman in Houston who stopped at a local gas station for gas that left her 8 month old baby in the car to run in and pay for her gas. The woman tried to keep her eye on her car while she was inside but when she looked outside she saw someone in her car driving off and with her daughter in the car. This is something she never dreamed would have happened.

Fortunately the car was found soon after abandoned with missing license plates and items taken from the car was thrown in a nearby grassy area but the baby and the car seat she was in was both gone.

An Amber Alert was issued and The Houston Police Dept. had K-9 dogs and a helicopter assisting in the search for the baby. By the grace of God, a woman who was jogging heard a baby crying alone in tall grass on Houston’s north side. The baby was still strapped in the car seat. When the police arrived the baby was taken to the hospital to be checked out but they say she was fine with the exception of having a few ant bites on her, thank God.

This is just a fine example as to how fast someone can take off with a baby. A lot of people are blaming the mother of this child but to be honest, until I started working with missing children cases I never realized just how easy someone could scoop up on a child and disappear with it. This tells me one thing. Parents and Grandparents need to be aware of the world we live in today where our children are not safe as they used to be years ago.

I truly think that God’s angels were watching over this child to keep her safe. I doubt her mother will ever let this happen again.

Jan Barrett

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