Three year old Turner Jordan Nelson has been missing since February, 3, 2008. His father was the last one to see Turner alive. Police believe that the father, Stephen T. Nelson, 37, drove to the Key Bridge and threw his son off of it on Super Bowl Sunday saying demons made him do it. After that he reportedly went to his mother’s home and drank some household cleaning fluids in a failed attempt to commit suicide.

When he recovered from his suicide attempt, after being hospitalized for more than a week, he confessed to police that he killed his son, who have charged him with first degree murder. The child’s mother, Natisha Johnson still clung to hope that her son would be found alive. “Until his body is found I’ll still hold on to that hope, even though his father blatantly said he did it,” she said to The Baltimore Sun.

Police did receive a call from someone reporting a man standing on the Key Bridge waving his hands and screaming, “No, no, no” By the time the police arrived the man was gone. Nelson’s mother placed several 911 calls that day saying her son had killed her grandson.

Apparently the couple was separated and there was a huge dispute over the custody of the child. In January 2006, Nelson complained he wasn’t getting enough time with his son. In April 2007 he got a better job at a warehouse in Pasadena and asked the courts for more time with his son. The two had filed charges on each other for domestic violence with his claiming she hit him with a stick that was a part of a coat rack while she was moving out and her saying he has acted threatening towards her.

Yesterday a body was found in the Patapsco River and authorities believe it to be Turner Jordan Nelson. The body was taken to the state Medical Examiner’s office for identification. Maryland Transportation Authority Police are waiting for positive identification. They say the clothing that was on the body found matches the description of what the 3 year old child was wearing when he was last seen.

Jan Barrett

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