Treyli Blackwell16 year old Treyli Blackwell was reported missing from her Alpena Arkansas on June 13. Authorities now have reason to believe she might be in Texas. Investigators on the case came across a surveillance photo from a local store in Stephenville, Texas that was positively identified the girl in the photo as being Treyli by her parents.

Also now it is believed that the girl might not be traveling alone. She could be with a male companion according to The Stephen Empire-Tribune newspaper. They reported too that Treyli might be wearing glasses and she could have changed her hair color from brown to red.

Stephenville is a small town about 90 miles southwest of Dallas with a population of only about 18,000 people. If she is there the chances of being spotted by someone that could recognize her are good. She is described as being 5 ft 10 in tall, weighing between 130 to 140 lbs and she has long dark hair (which could have been dyed recently) and she has brown eyes.

The reports are according to Treyli’s family, that she went to bed Thursday night, on June 12 but by 3 am the next morning she was gone. The screen on her window had been pushed out from the inside and some of her clothes were taken.

So far two people have taken polygraph tests after the authorities were following leads in the case but there are still no suspects in what they say could be an abduction. They are asking anyone that may have seen this young girl to please call your local police or you can call the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office at (870)423-2901.

Let’s try and get this girl brought back home safe. I pray nothing happens to her before she is found.

Jan Barrett

UPDATE: Police say Treyli Blackwell is safe and in police custody. More details are expected to be released Tuesday, June 24, in a press release.

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