Police believe they have found the body of the 12 year old Vermont girl, Brooke Bennett of Braintree that has been missing since last week. Her uncle, Michael Jacques is the last person known to have seen the girl alive when he dropped her off at a convenience store.

State Police James Baker made the announcement saying they believe they have located the girl’s body just before 5 pm today and her family has been notified.  Baker said, “It is with a heavy heart… and deep sadness… that I announce that we have located what we believe to be the remains of Brooke Bennett. The death is clearly suspicious. It appears to be foul play.”

They found her on property on Crocker Road in Randolph near the home of Brooke’s uncle, Michael Jacques. During a search of the area they found an area of ground that had been disturbed which proved to be where she was buried.

Jacques, 42 has been charged with kidnapping by Federal Authorities who was already in jail awaiting trial on sex charges unrelated to the disappearance of Brooke.

An unnamed 14 year old teenager, who is also a relative of Jacques, told the federal agents that she had been having sex with Jacques since she was 9 in a sex ring called Breckinridge. She said that Bennett’s uncle had brought her to his home to get her initiated into the sex ring

She also said that she helped Jacques take Bennett to his home in Randolph to be initiated into the ring and Brooke has been missing ever since then. She said that Brooke was aware that as a part of the initiation she would have to have sex with men. She and Brooke watched TV before Jacques told her to leave while he took Brooke upstairs. She said she left with her boyfriend after that and she never saw Brooke again.

My heart and prayers go out to Brooke Bennett’s family.

Jan Barrett

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