Anyone that keeps up with the news these days should be aware of the dangers, especially for young teenagers, of social networks such as MySpace. As a parent myself I have to admit that it is hard to monitor what goes on with our teens once they become involved with them.

In Vermont a 12 year old Braintree girl talked her uncle into dropping her off at a convenience store in Randolph, where she was supposed to catch a ride to go visit a sick friend in the hospital. Surveillance cameras from the store showed the girl being dropped off by her uncle and then later it shows her walking away alone but this is the last time she has been seen.

Yesterday a family member found some items that were similar to what she had been wearing the day she disappeared near a place they call the “Floating Bridge” apparently a local hangout for teens there. Police started an intense search using dogs in the area looking for the girl.

According to her father, James Bennett, he had helped his daughter set up a MySpace account with specific ground rules set. When he found out the rules had been broken he shut down her account by changing the password so she could no longer gain access to it. About a week ago they found out she managed to set up another account from another computer.

An Amber Alert have been issued by the Vermont State Police yesterday for the 12 yr old Brooke Bennett. Police think she may have lied about meeting her friend and instead had plans to meet with someone unknown that she may have been talking to through MySpace. Police are examining her computer to see if they can find out whom, if anyone, she had been talking to.

Brooke’s mother, Cassandra Gatnon, issued a plea to her daughter on Thursday night, “I love you Brooke. I’m not mad. I just want you home.”

Brooke is 12 years old. She is 5’3”, 98 pounds, and she has brown hair with purple highlights and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a pink sweater and white sneakers with pink lettering.

If you have seen her or have any information about her please call the Vermont State Police at 802-234-9933.

I pray that she is found and is safe.

Jan Barrett

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