Winter Springs, Florida was turned upside down when Nadia Brown disappeared. She was reported missing Friday afternoon around 4 pm. When Nadia’s mother called the police she told them that she had found Nadia’s bicycle at the end of the cul-de-sac in their neighborhood. She said it was standing up, apparently with the kickstand down and her helmet was hanging on the handlebars.

The neighborhood that Nadia lives in is surrounded by wooded areas infested with alligators and a search effort had continued day and night for her according to the police. Divers searched in 6 bodies of water in the neighborhood but they claim it is difficult in water as deep as 15 feet.

A lot of prayers were answered this morning when a church member and trained volunteer, James King found Nadia alive. It is being reported that she was fine other than being covered with mosquito bites, her feet were a bit waterlogged and she was dehydrated.

Nadia was carried out of the woods and taken to her family and then she was taken by ambulance to South Seminole Hospital in Longwood. Winter Springs police Chief Kevin Brunnelle said Nadia is doing well!

I think this is great news that she was found. I hope she can get past this and continue with her life normally. I can’t imagine how scared she must have been but I think she must be a very strong-willed child to have survived this.

My prayers are with the Bloom family. I can only imagine how excited they were when they got the news that their daughter had been found alive.  God Bless them all, and to Nadia… I think you are one special little girl!

Jan Barrett

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