Just a day after the announcement that the US military has removed its stock of 130 nuclear weapons from Ramstein air base, the US Defense Department said that it would close five more US Army sites in Germany by 2009. Although these closures are part of a previously announced plan to realign military forces abroad by closing 51 bases in Germany and consolidating these forces to face new threats further to the south and east, many Germans worry that if not carried out properly, some of these Americans could perhaps become misplaced during the relocation process and end up living in the forests or neighborhoods in their immediate vicinity, or possibly even in the German capital itself.

It appears that no German has yet seen much less okayed any detailed plans about what will precisely become of the 2,372 soldiers, nine airmen, and 799 US civilians currently working at these bases and some experts fear that many of these Americans, once “deactivated” or released from duty or maybe just left unattended for a few minutes, could sneak off or run away and degenerate into broken-hearted, hermit-like forest dwellers or possibly even, gulp, decide to move to Berlin and live like a hermit-like forest dweller there.

It seems that a recent survey has indicated that Berlin is a way cool and sexy and fascinating place to live despite the fact that everybody here is a miserable moaner and the more beautiful women actually live in Hamburg. And it is entirely possible that some of the Americans in question may have been told of this.

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