Thankful SPD politicians, their party and party’s popularity slowly but surely bleeding to death, were visibly relieved upon finally finding an issue they could finally sink their false teeth into. Hoping to revive fond memories of the extremely popular anti-missile protests in West Germany during the early 80s and Gerhard Schröder’s no-to-Iraq re-election masterpiece, and also hoping to finally gain a percentage point or two in voter popularity, they have begun an aggressive just-say-no initiative to US plans to put part of its missile shield in non-German Europe.

But taking no chances this time, and capitalizing on opinion polls reflecting the notorious German nervousness about all things demanding both commitment and guns, they are also working on a not-so-secret just-say-no plan for Afghanistan. Politely waiting until visiting Afghan President Karzai leaves, they will nonetheless soon be loudly announcing their support for a pullout of German troops out of his country as soon as possible i.e. long before the job there is done.

That the recent no to a proposed speed limit on the autobahn by the EU was a no-brainer goes without saying.

But many SPD politicians have pointed out that the number of issues remaining to say no to is rapidly being depleted and that the time has now come for a more environmentally-friendly approach to these precious natural resources.

Some politicians are even going as far to voice the fear that the capacity for the German populace to say no may not be as inexhaustible as previously believed. This, too, must also be handled with care. But these politicians have never been in power and don’t have the slightest idea of what they are talking about, insiders say.

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